Tec 66 Conference & Exhibition Programme

Here’s the Tec 66 Conference & Exhibition Programme for the 27th October 2014.

8.30 – 9.10am                          Registration & Coffee

9.15am                                        Official Tec 66 Conference Opening
Tim Pearce (CEO, Kurt J Lesker Co. Ltd) Conference Chair

9.30 – 10.15am                       Conference Workshop
Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Maggie will be discussing the “Three eras of space”

10.40 – 11.10am                     Conference Workshop
Dr Moritz Riede, University of Oxford, will be discussing Vacuum Processed Organic Electronics

11.10 – 11.30am                       Coffee Break

11.30 – 12.00pm                    Conference Workshop
 Associate Professor Michel de Jong, University of Twente. Associate Professor de Jong will discuss “Recent advances in vacuum processing of graphene and related materials”

12.10 – 12.40pm                     Conference Workshop
Nanna Heiberg, Member of the British Cryogenics Council, representing the UK Cryogenics Cluster will be speaking about Vacuum in Cryogenics

1.00 – 1.30pm                         Lunch

1.30-2.00pm                          Conference Workshop
Create, Innovate, Protect – Intellectual Property Explained by Chris Smith of the  Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

2.15 – 2.45pm                         Conference Workshop
Jane Ollis, CEO, BSK-CiC – Funding for the industry

3.00 – 3.30pm                       Conference Workshop

Middle East & UK Trade & Investment opportunities and how to be a part of them.

3.30 – 3.45pm                      Coffee Break

3.45-4.15pm                          Conference Workshop
Professor Stephen Sweeney, Professor of Physics, EPSRC Leadership Fellow. Head of Photonics at University of Surrey speaking on the role of photonics in the 21st Century.

4.15pm                                       Conference Overview & Questions
Tim Pearce to close the exhibition

4.30pm                                     Close