Sussex Coast College is an ideal location for the Tec 66 Conference and Exhibition. Located right next to Hastings train station and in the heart of the new Priory Quarter business district of Hastings. The high-tec building is the perfect place for showcasing the latest innovations and technology within the Ultra/High Vacuum and Photonics industries that have made the area a hub for this growing and highly important field of technological innovation.
The college is a far larger venue for Tec 66 this year which enables the event to have more exhibitors than they could have at the previous venue.

Sussex Coast College itself is helping businesses within these fields educate the next generation of specialist and innovators and provides a course dedicated to High Vacuum for companies to send staff on to increase their awareness and competency within these sectors which have been hugely subscribed to.

Sussex Coast College will also be holding a special STEM day on the Friday prior to Tec 66 which is there to educate and inform students and visitors of the benefits of working within the sciences.

The event will be held in the spacious atrium within Sussex Coast College and the talks will be held in adjacent rooms around the main exhibition.

Sussex Coast College also boasts a great Cafe which is located next to the atrium and is perfect for meetings and networking on the day.