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In the last decade, Organic Electronics (OE) has turned from being a curiosity in laboratories to a rapidly growing market for which many international companies are competing. The carbon-based semiconductors and conductors that are used for OE show distinct differences compared to standard inorganic (semi-)conductors, but can be used in a similar wide range of applications. Today, most people will have already seen the one or the other product based on OE, maybe not knowingly. Small displays made from organic light emitting diodes (OLED) that can be found in many modern mobile phones can be considered the first of several waves of OE applications. Large OLED displays for TVs, the second wave, have entered the market last year.

Further applications, like OLED lighting, organic solar cells and organic logic have not yet reached this level of maturity, but are seeing rapid progress and have the potential to make OE products ubiquitous in the near future.