Shadow Work and Pensions Minister confirms Tec 66 visit

rachel reeves mp

Rachel Reeves MP

Rachel Reeves will be attending this year’s Tec 66 at Sussex Coast College on 27th October 2014

Since becoming an MP, Rachel was elected to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee and was appointed Shadow Pensions Minister in October 2010.

Prospective parliamentary labour candidate Sarah Owen invited Rachel specifically because of how impressed she was with Tec 66 last year and how it showcases the high technology companies we have in the local area. Sarah, as a parliamentary candidate, is pushing for a greater focus on high-tech jobs in the area.

She wants Hastings to have more jobs where career progression is possible without having to move away to get promoted. Not just jobs for jobs sake, but high-quality, well-paid careers.

VG Scienta announces new Managing Director

VG Scienta announces Russell Shenton, founder of the UK division of Omicron, will be joining VG Scienta in October.

Russell will take the lead as Managing Director for VG Scienta Ltd, with responsibility for the Vacuum Technology Business Area.

Russell developed Omicron, UK from scratch producing UHV chambers and Electron Spectroscopy Analysers.

Since Omicron joined Oxford Instruments in 2011, Russell has been responsible for developing its global OEM business.

Russell, with his vacuum experience, entrepreneurial drive, leadership qualities and OEM business understanding, will be a significant addition to VG Scienta.

Torr Scientific praises Tec 66 event and cluster

TorTorr Scientificr Scientific is proud to be part of the cluster of UHV and Electro-Optical technology companies in and around Hastings and East Sussex. Weare pleased that Tec 66 is promoting awareness of the many local companies and people working hard to manufacture and supply products to world leading scientific researchers

Torr Scientific promotes Tec 66 at Cardiff University

Word about Tec 66 is picking up rapidly as the event is only a month away.

Here’s a picture of Torr Scientific’s Mel Thomas at a recent event at Cardiff University where he spread the word about the event to students and faculty.

mel-thomas tsl

VG Scienta adds support to Tec 66

VG ScientaVG Scienta, who are an exhibitor at this years event and they have given us a few why its so important for them and the area in general. Here it is:

‘VG Scienta is a leading provider of UHV scientific equipment to the research community in public, academic and private sectors.  As a founder member of the Tec66 cluster group VG Scienta is committed to the ethos of Tec 66 to highlight, support and promote high tech vacuum technology in the South East of England.’

‘VG Scienta passionately believes that the future of the industry lies in skilled, experienced high calibre staff. Together in partnership with other UHV companies  the  Tec66 goal is to develop a centre of excellence around vacuum products here in Hastings.  Partnered by a newly developed accredited course in Vacuum technology at Hastings college,  local companies will benefit from more trained skilled talent coming into the workforce in the future.’

If you like them want to be exhibiting at this autumns Tec 66 you can register your interest here.

Vacuum Technology Course meeting demand

Did you know that Sussex Coast College has a dedicated Vacuum Technology course that is there to provide manufacturers with a course to help employees gain a greater understanding of the high Vacuum industry.

Find out all about it here.

Dr. Moritz Riede confirms workshop subject


Dr. Moritz Riede has sent us an brief overview and background of his talk for Tec 66. It sounds very interesting so don’t miss out. Register today!


In the last decade, Organic Electronics (OE) has turned from being a curiosity in laboratories to a rapidly growing market for which many international companies are competing. The carbon-based semiconductors and conductors that are used for OE show distinct differences compared to standard inorganic (semi-)conductors, but can be used in a similar wide range of applications. Today, most people will have already seen the one or the other product based on OE, maybe not knowingly. Small displays made from organic light emitting diodes (OLED) that can be found in many modern mobile phones can be considered the first of several waves of OE applications. Large OLED displays for TVs, the second wave, have entered the market last year.

Further applications, like OLED lighting, organic solar cells and organic logic have not yet reached this level of maturity, but are seeing rapid progress and have the potential to make OE products ubiquitous in the near future.


Our friend the Sun and Solar Super Storms


It rises it falls, it warms and it burns but how much do you really think about the sun beyond its lack of appearance in the English summers?

This Centre of the Solar System star is approximately 93 million miles away from earth- so what harm could it possibly do? Given that if the sun was empty it could fit around 960,000 earths inside it, potentially a lot of harm can be caused should something go wrong, and we are not talking about a red face and a bit of peeling.

The last major solar flare erupted on the sun in September 1859 over the course of a few minutes releasing energy equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs exploding at the same time.

The earth is on average in the path of one of these Solar Storms every 150 years – putting us 5 years overdue.

Solar Super Storms are a frightening reality that could have a severe and crippling impact on Earth. Ashley Dale, a PhD student from Bristol University, has written a mind-blowing article on this space phenomenon over at Physics World