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Torr Scientific praises Tec 66 event and cluster

TorTorr Scientificr Scientific is proud to be part of the cluster of UHV and Electro-Optical technology companies in and around Hastings and East Sussex. Weare pleased that Tec 66 is promoting awareness of the many local companies and people working hard to manufacture and supply products to world leading scientific researchers

VG Scienta adds support to Tec 66

VG ScientaVG Scienta, who are an exhibitor at this years event and they have given us a few why its so important for them and the area in general. Here it is:

‘VG Scienta is a leading provider of UHV scientific equipment to the research community in public, academic and private sectors.  As a founder member of the Tec66 cluster group VG Scienta is committed to the ethos of Tec 66 to highlight, support and promote high tech vacuum technology in the South East of England.’

‘VG Scienta passionately believes that the future of the industry lies in skilled, experienced high calibre staff. Together in partnership with other UHV companies  the  Tec66 goal is to develop a centre of excellence around vacuum products here in Hastings.  Partnered by a newly developed accredited course in Vacuum technology at Hastings college,  local companies will benefit from more trained skilled talent coming into the workforce in the future.’

If you like them want to be exhibiting at this autumns Tec 66 you can register your interest here.