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Our friend the Sun and Solar Super Storms


It rises it falls, it warms and it burns but how much do you really think about the sun beyond its lack of appearance in the English summers?

This Centre of the Solar System star is approximately 93 million miles away from earth- so what harm could it possibly do? Given that if the sun was empty it could fit around 960,000 earths inside it, potentially a lot of harm can be caused should something go wrong, and we are not talking about a red face and a bit of peeling.

The last major solar flare erupted on the sun in September 1859 over the course of a few minutes releasing energy equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs exploding at the same time.

The earth is on average in the path of one of these Solar Storms every 150 years – putting us 5 years overdue.

Solar Super Storms are a frightening reality that could have a severe and crippling impact on Earth. Ashley Dale, a PhD student from Bristol University, has written a mind-blowing article on this space phenomenon over at Physics World

Check out this ‘Tractor Beam’ experiment in action

Tractor Beams, the invisible beam that has closed in on countless spaceships in classic films such as Star Wars and classic shows like Star Trek may finally become a reality…Well its on its way.

Check out this ‘Tractor Beam’ experiment conducted by the Australian National University thats seen working on water and has been posted on their channel on YouTube. Perhaps someday soon this method could be adapted to the vacuum of space, until then its fascinating to watch.

If you like this then you’ll definitely want to be at Tec 66 where our main speaker is Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE where she’ll be giving a talk on the three eras of space.